We constantly want to develop and revitalise our company, therefore we are always looking for new talent suitable to fill our vacant positions. Recruitment is always carried out jointly by the local manager and the HR department. Each potential candidate is treated to same professional manner regardless of position or background.

Our recruitment procedures always comply with the local legislation of the country in which we operate in.


VinaAuslabels follows a set procedure that reflects the consistency we expect from our employees and products.

Vacancy Analysis

Before any sort of recruitment, we undertake an analysis of the position. We shortlist some qualities that are integral to the success of the role and its synergy in its department. The analysis also serves the purpose of writing the concise description of the vacancy; its list of competencies and qualifications required for the successful candidate.


Candidate Applications

We attempt to use a plethora of sourcing channels to target potential candidates for every vacancy. These include job advertisements, head-hunters and proactive candidates. From this, we achieve to gather a diverse pool of candidates, all of whom who are ready to contribute their own unique flair to the company.


Job Interviews

From the pool of talent, we select the most suitable of candidates for an interview. During this interview, we attempt to see your personality and determine how well you would mesh into the company environment. Depending upon the position and level of position, multiple interviews may be scheduled, but at least one of those will be held with your potential direct supervisor.



From those interviews, we conclude a shortlist of the most suitable candidates. Generally a final decision is made here, however if multiple suitable candidates arise, then another round of interviews may be required.



With prior consent, we may contact your references to check facts from your application or obtain information on your previous performance. We only ask questions directly relevant to the job.



After the successful candidate is chosen, we will offer the vacancy to them. Upon acceptance, a contract will be sent including all the key information needed. A salary/wage package and information regarding appropriate working conditions will be included within the contract. The contract will be finalised before the candidate’s official first day at the company.



We invest a lot of time and resources to get the right person. We provide ongoing training regarding the position (where necessary) and make every effort to make you feel comfortable and at home at your new job.