VinaAuslabels is a regional powerhouse in packaging solutions. Our clients represent some of the largest and well-known brands in the world. It’s also a great place to work. We offer a family like environment, a great atmosphere and superb opportunities for career and personal development.

Commercial Careers

As with all successful entities, we require the essential administrative and support functions to keep our company going. Positions such as finance specialists or a member of Human resources keep the company running at full efficiency. Whereas positions within the customer service and sales department assure our clients of the best service possible.

Within the commercial environment, you will generally work with clients and with our employees to make everything go smooth. You will be the first point of contact within a challenging and stimulating environment.

Production Careers

Want to be involved in the manufacturing side? It takes meticulous minds and an eye for quality to produce the level of products that are expected from us. Careers in production covers a whole range of jobs that lead to the smooth production of our products. Technical teams and designers are tasked with designing the labels and packaging solutions. They are the spine of the projects, where most of the planning take place.

On the production floor, engineers and technicians, overlook the production line. They are supported by the quality assurance team, whom are looking for any sort of inconsistencies in our product.

Within this technical environment, you are directly involved with the manufacturing and production of our products. You’ll be challenged within a controlled environment, where your technical skills will lead to the success of the company.

Distribution Careers

Getting our products into the hands of our clients is a massive logistical operation. It involves hard work and a keen eye on efficiency to succeed in this stimulating environment. The distribution chain starts at the warehouse. Managers and stock supervisors are responsible for the loading and distribution line of our products. They are transported onto various modes, where our drivers are dedicated to getting our stock into the hands of our clients.

All this is tied together by our distribution contracts, where our network is maximised for efficiency. To succeed in this environment, a quick wit and a talent for managing time is integral.